Week 48/2019 (25 November–1 December 2019)

  1. Influenza activity continued to increase in parts of the Region, as indicated by more countries reporting regional or widespread influenza activity. Influenza virus detections in sentinel specimens exceeded 10% for the second consecutive week, which indicates the start of the influenza season at European level.
  2. A majority of reported influenza virus detections across the region were type A, although 4 countries reported type B virus dominance.
  3. Data from the 21 countries or regions reporting to the EuroMOMO project indicated all-cause mortality was at expected levels for this time of the year.

2018/19 season overview 

  • Influenza activity is increasing in the European Region, although most countries still reported influenza activity rates at baseline or low levels.
  • Influenza activity in the European Region, based on sentinel sampling, first exceeded a positivity rate of 10% in week 47/2019.
  • Some countries across the European Region have reported influenza type B virus dominance.

Influenza intensity, spread and dominant virus type/subtype