A subset of Member States and areas monitor severe disease related to influenza virus infection by surveillance of 1) hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in ICUs (11 Member States and areas) or other wards (7 Member States and areas), with Czechia reporting cases from both ward types during the summer period, or 2) severe acute respiratory infection (SARI; 17 Member States and areas, mostly located in the eastern part of the Region). 

1.1) Hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases – ICUs

There were 2 hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in ICUs for weeks 21-39/2020. Both patients were over 64 years of age and infected with influenza type A viruses, one of which was subtyped as A(H1N1)pdm09 and one died. 

1.2) Hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases – other wards

There was 1 laboratory-confirmed influenza case in wards other than ICUs for weeks 21-39/2020 with A(H3N2) infection

2. SARI surveillance

For week 39/2020, specimens from 26 SARI cases were tested for influenza viruses. All were negative. 

Of the 458 SARI cases tested for influenza viruses in weeks 21-39/2020, 1 tested positive. It was influenza type B.   

Of the reported SARI cases in weeks 21-39/2020, 4 454 had a recorded age and, of these, 34% were 0-4 years old.


Mortality monitoring

Overall pooled estimates of all-cause mortality for 23 countries participating in the EuroMOMO showed normal levels for the time of year. However, excess mortality was observable in the age group 75 to 84 years in a few countries