A subset of Member States and areas monitor severe disease related to influenza virus infection by surveillance of 1) hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in ICUs (14 Member States or areas), or other wards (8 Member States or areas), or 2) severe acute respiratory infection (SARI; 18 Member States or areas).

1.1) Hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases – ICUs

For week 40/2019, the United Kingdom reported 2 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in ICU, both were infected with influenza type A viruses.

1.2) Hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases – other wards

For week 40/2019, Ireland reported 1 laboratory-confirmed influenza case from other wards that was infected with an influenza type B virus.

2. SARI surveillance

For week 40/2019, 149 SARI cases were reported by 6 Member States or areas. Of these cases, none were tested for influenza viruses.

Mortality monitoring

For week 40/2019, the EuroMOMO project received data from 21 countries or areas that were included in pooled analyses. Pooled estimates of all-cause mortality show mortality levels within normal expected ranges.