Primary care data

Viruses detected in sentinel-source specimens (ILI and ARI) 

  • For week 14/2021, of 948 sentinel specimens tested for influenza viruses 2 were positive. Since the start of the season, of 33 838 sentinel-source specimens tested for influenza viruses, 37 were positive (24 type A and 13 type B viruses).


  • Details of the distribution of viruses detected in non-sentinel-source specimens can be found in the Virus characteristics section. 


External data sources

Influenzanet collects weekly data on symptoms in the general community from different participating countries across the EU/EEA. For week 14/2021, data reported from 8 countries representing between 468 and 37 891 active participants per country were included, for a total of 68 937 participants. Activity is reported in classes of 5 per 1 000 participants. ILI activity: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and UK have reported between 0 and 5 cases per 1 000 active participants, Denmark has reported between 5 and 10 cases per 1 000 active participants and the Netherlands has reported between 15 and 20 cases per 1 000 active participants. Activity is low (below the first quartile of historical data for this week).