Primary care data

Syndromic surveillance data

Based on syndromic surveillance data for influenza-like illness (ILI) and/or acute respiratory infection (ARI), all countries reported low activity of respiratory infections.

Influenza activity

For week 32/2019, of 21 Member States and areas reporting on intensity, all reported baseline or low intensity. Of 22 Member States and areas reporting on geographic spread, 18 reported no activity and 3 reported sporadic cases (Greece, Norway and Sweden).

Viruses detected in sentinel-source specimens (ILI and ARI)

For week 32/2019, no specimens from sentinel sources were reported.

For weeks 21–32/2019, 7 of 821 (<1%) sentinel specimens tested positive for an influenza virus; 5 were influenza type A and 2 were influenza B. The 4 influenza A viruses subtyped were A(H3N2).


Details of the distribution of viruses detected in non-sentinel-source specimens can be found in the Virus characteristics section.