Primary care data

Influenza activity

All 46 Member States and areas reporting on intensity reported low intensity for week 44/2018 (see Fig. 1), indicating that influenza activity was within baseline levels.

Of the 46 Member States and areas reporting on geographic spread, 28 reported no activity (across the region), 17 reported sporadic spread (across the region) and 1 (Iceland) reported local spread (see Fig. 2).

Viruses detected in sentinel-source specimens (ILI and ARI)

For week 44/2018, 9 (1.7%) of 524 sentinel specimens tested positive for influenza viruses. All 9 were type A viruses and of the 5 subtyped, 4 were A(H1N1)pdm09 and 1 was A(H3N2) (Fig. 3 and Table 1).

Of 13 Member States or areas across the region that each tested at least 10 sentinel specimens in week 44/2018, none reported a rate of influenza virus detections above 10%.

For the season to date, more influenza type A (n = 25, 80.6%) than type B (n = 6, 19.4%) viruses have been detected. Of 20 subtyped A viruses, 14 (70%) were A(H1N1)pdm09 and 6 (30%) were A(H3N2). Of 6 influenza type B viruses only 2 were ascribed to a lineage, both being B/Yamagata (Fig. 3 and Table 1).

Details of the distribution of viruses detected in non-sentinel-source specimens can be found in the Virus characteristics section.