Hospital Surveillance

A subset of countries and areas monitor severe disease related to influenza virus infection by surveillance of


1) hospitalized laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in ICUs or other wards, or


2) severe acute respiratory infection (SARI; countries and areas mostly located in the eastern part of the Region).



Severe acute respiratory infection (SARI)-based hospital surveillance

For week 41/2021, 3 305 SARI cases were reported by 9 Member States or areas (Albania, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine). Of 154 SARI cases tested for influenza virusseven were positive for A(H3) in Kyrgyzstan (Figure 9).  

For the season, 6 016 SARI cases were reported by 13 Member States or areas (Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine). Of 363 SARI cases tested for influenza virus, seven were positive for A(H3).